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VACON NXP System Drive

VACON NXP System Drive - Complex solutions made simple

VACON NXP System Drive is a comprehensive drives solution that provides customers with reliability and quality as standard. It is especially well-suited to heavy industries such as Pulp & Paper, Metals and Marine where round-the-clock activity is required, leaving little time for maintenance work. A standardized solution also allows system integrators to save on money and time, which can be invested in other areas of the relevant application.

Premium drive technology is provided by VACON NXP & VACON NXP Common DC bus components for optimal performance. The system can be delivered on a large scale and in lightning quick time due to it being designed and tested in advance. Modules can therefore be delivered closer to the time operation begins than was previously necessary, saving on maintenance and optimizing the customer’s cash flow.

Vacon has a long history as an AC drives partner offering engineering and services. While VACON NXP System Drive is already tested and verified, it remains configurable via a number of options for added flexibility. The configuration tool software allows customers to save their own configurations and try out different options before purchasing. Meanwhile there are various tailoring possibilities within the drive system.

Основные особенности

  • Voltage range of 380 – 690 V

  • Current rating of 630 – 5000 amps

  • IP21, IP42 or IP54 certification available

  • Modular design

  • Based on VACON NXP & VACON NXP Common DC bus technology

  • Comprehensive documentation available with each delivery

  • Configuration Software Tool


  • Short setup time enables modules to be delivered closer to start of operation

  • Standardized solution saves on costs

  • Spare parts always stocked and readily available

  • Safe, tested and verified design

  • Modular design equipped with pull out feature for quick setup and maintenance

  • Easy to train onsite engineers

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